Drobne Echa Articles – Translations of MN Polish Newspaper Articles from the Past

Drobne Echa (“Little Echoes”) articles were written by PGS-MN member, Greg Kishel, and posted in the PGS-MN newsletters between 2002 and 2012. They are a gold mine for PGS-MN members as they capture a snapshot of the lives of Polish immigrants who settled in Minnesota. The articles are a collection of translations from Polish newspapers that were published in Minnesota in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s (Wiarus, Słońce, Rolnik and Straż), and cover information from different Polish communities across Minnesota.

The first one we are sharing with you is the Series Introduction, which is a wonderful overview. This issue also includes the First Installment, which focuses on St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, and Gilman, MN, all located in Central MN. You may find some of your ancestors in one of the installments! Article is here.

If you are considering joining PGS-MN, the Drobne Echa articles are an example of a resource that can be found in the Members Only section of our website. We will post a different installment of Drobne Echa here each quarter.

If you are already a PGS-MN member, you can find links to all 22 Drobne Echa installments in the Members Only section of our website, in the Overall Minnesota section of From Poland to MN (Link to all 22 installments is here).

We hope you enjoy this timeless resource!