Program Meeting Archives 2024

This program was held at the John R. Borchert Library on the University of MN campus. It consisted of a PowerPoint presentation as well as a tour of the library. While the program was not recorded, the speaker has provided his slides.

The speaker demonstrated how to use print and online resources, in conjunction with maps, to locate historical place-names. The presentation also highlighted resources related to genealogy, as well as other historical cartographic materials, available at the John R. Borchert Map Library in Minneapolis.

Poland resources included in the presentation:

March 2, 2024

Professor Gordon Pueschner – MFA
Century College, White Bear Lake, MN

The speaker covers the following time periods in this presentation:

  1. Pre-Catholic Times to King Mieszko I Baptism
    –  A Brief history of the early ancient Slavic paganism to Poland’s early years as a Christian state.
  2. The Warsaw Confederation of 1573
    –  Religious persecution inside Poland and the positive effects of the Warsaw Confederation.
  3. Religion in Poland under Communism
    –  The importance of John Paul becoming Pope and the hardships of being Christian under Communism.