We are pleased to announce the establishment of PGS-MN Networking Groups for our members. We have heard from many members that they would like to meet others who have similar ancestral backgrounds.

We have chosen three groups to start with, based on the MN areas where members currently live, as well as the Missing Branches information (where members’ ancestors emigrated from in Poland and where they settled in MN). Once these three groups are fully established, we will consider adding additional groups if there is an interest.

To see dates of the Networking Group meetings, go to the Events tab.

  • Groups are for members only
  • Each group has a leader
  • Meetings will be held the same months as the PGS-MN Program Meetings (March, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov)
  • Each group determines the date and time of their Networking Group within those months
  • Each group determines whether they will meet only by zoom, or a combination of Zoom and in-person
  • Notice of all networking meetings will be sent to all PGS-MN members several days before the meeting
  • Share resources from areas where their Polish ancestors came from in Poland and where they settled in MN
  • Share research tips
  • Possibly find/share common ancestors
  • Trouble-shoot brick walls
  • Establish a network of people to contact about genealogy questions they have in common with others
  • Share information from the PGS-MN website (From Poland to MN, Missing Branches)

Focus: Minneapolis (Hennepin County) and Anoka County. The Poles who settled in the Northeast metro area came mainly from Galicia and some from Russian Poland.

Leader: Connie Waldherr

Focus: Primarily on Morrison, Benton, Stearns and Todd Counties. The Poles who settled here came from the Prussian area of Poland (Silesia, Poznan, as well as Kashubia).

Leader: Mike Stodolka

Southeast Minnesota Group

Focus: Mainly on the Winona area, with a direct connection to Pine Creek Wisconsin (as well as a few other communities in Trempealeau, Wisconsin. A large population of Kashubians settled here, as well as a smaller number of Poles from Poznan and Silesia.

Leader: Karen Brill