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Dictionary of Surnames In Current Use in Poland at the Beginning of the 21st Century (Słownik Nazwisk Wspolczesnie w Polsce Uzywanych)Rymut, Kazimierz2003
Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland andother Slavonic Lands (Słownik Geograficzny)


The following set of maps is available in the library:

Mapa Topograficzna Polski 1:100,000 (Detailed topographic sectional maps of Poland)151 maps

The maps below are no longer in the Hoffman Research Library but can now be accessed at the John R. Borchert Map Library, in the Wilson Library, at the University of Minnesota.

Maps of the German Empire 1:100,00019th century
Topographic Maps of Poland 1:200,0001990’s
Austrian Map Series of Middle Europe 1:200,000 land surveys19th century 


Church of St Joseph, Lexington, Minnesota

St Thomas Derrynane, Le Sueur Co
Baptism 1905-1993
Marriage 1903-1993
Death 1905-1993

Baptism 1858-1993
Marriage 1881-1993
Death 1881-1993



Church of St Joseph, Lexington, MinnesotaBaptism 1905-1993
Marriage 1903-1993
Death 1905-1993


Church of Sacred Heart, Rush City, MinnesotaBaptism 1873-1993
Marriage 1875-1993
Death 1878-1985


Church of the Holy Cross, Minneapolis, MinnesotaBaptism 1886-1953


Church  of St Phillip, Minneapolis, MinnesotaBaptism 1908-1993
Marriage 1909-1993
Death 1909-1920 & 1945-1993


Church of All Saints, Minneapolis, Minnesotaand St Hedwig, Minneapolis, MinnesotaBaptism 1916-1993
Marriage 1916-1993
Death 1919-1993


Church of St John the Baptist, New Brighton, MinnesotaBaptism 1902-1993
Marriage 1908-1993
Death 190?-1993


Church of St Adalbert, St Paul, MinnesotaBaptism 1881-1990
Marriage 1883-1900


Church of St Casimir, St Paul, MinnesotaBaptism 1873-1992
Marriage 1893-1992
Death 1892-1992


Church of the Holy Trinity, St Paul, MinnesotaBaptism 1940-1993
Marriage 1940-1993
Death 1940-1993


Church of St Joseph, Delano, MinnesotaBaptism 1904-1992
Marriage 1904-1992
Death 1905-1992


St Mary of Czestochowa, Delano, MinnesotaBaptism 1941-1993
Marriage 1940-1993
Death 1940-1992


Newsletters / Newspapers / Maps

Baltimore’s Polish Language Newspapers 1891-1925Hollowak, Thomas1992
Polish Pioneer Families in the Parish of Brudenell-to 1870 Our Lady of the Angels Church-CanadaMask Connolly, Shirley1995
Roots in Czechoslovakia and Dakota Vol 1Petrik, Vernon1998
Roots in Czechoslovakia and Dakota Vol IIPetrik, Vernon1991


PGS of America  
PGS of California  
PGS of Connecticut  
PGS of Greater Cleveland  
PGS of Massachusetts  
PGS of Michigan, 2 Volumes  
PGS of Minnesota  
PGS of Western New York  
PGS of Texas, 2 Volumes  
PGS of Wisconsin  
Federation of East European Family History (FEEFH)  
Telephone Directory of Warsaw, 1976-1978  
Publications on Poles in Minnesota  
Kashubian Association of North America  
Panna Maria Historical Society, Texas  
Pol Am Newsletter  1980-1992
Polish American Journal  1989-Present
Polish American Studies  1992-2002

 Family Histories

Follow Me, The Memoirs of Polish PriestFamily HistoryGrabowskiStanislow



Kulas Family NameFamily HistoryConnollyShirley Mask



My Family Tree:  The Jacob & Catherine (Jani Kowski) Lepack Generation and the Andrew and Dorothea (Zywicki) Lepack Generation 1887-1988Family HistoryRoubleDorothy



Family History of Kathleen A MatelskiFamily HistoryMatelskiK.A.



Father Jerzy Popieluszko, A symbol of victims of communismFamily HistoryLewekFr Antoni



Peplinskies in CanadaFamily HistoryConnollyShirley Mask



The Raduege/Radig/Radick Family of Wisconsin, Iowa, and CaliforniaFamily HistoryO’KaneConnie Hume  

Church and Local Histories

Golden Jubilee, 1905-1955, St John the Baptist Catholic Church, Virginia, Minnesota

MN S-1008 Gol

75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee, 1883-1958, St Mary, Star of the Sea Parish, Duluth, Minnesota, bound with 100th Anniversary, St Mary, Star of the Sea Parish, 1883-1983, Duluth, Minnesota

MN S-1009 Sev

St Joseph’s Church, Gnesen, Minnesota, 100th Anniversary, 1874-1974

MN S-1010 StJ

Diamond Jubilee Memoirs: 1873 to 1948, Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish, Winona, Minnesota

MN W-7012 Dia

Centennial Celebration, 1881-1981, Church of St Adalbert, St Paul, Minnesota

MN R-1097 Cen

75th Anniversary, 1900-1975, The Holy Rosary Church, Lancaster, Minnesota

MN K-3001 Hol

St John Cantius Church of Wilno (Minnesota) 1883-1983

MN L-5009-Gvg

Sts Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church, Taunton, Minnesota, 1985-1995

MN L-6008 Swe

Church of the Holy Cross, 1886-1986, Minneapolis, Minnesota

MN H-1093 Chu

Golden Jubilee Year Book 1914-1964, Church of St Hedwig, Minneapolis, Minnesota

MN H-1092 Gol

Vincent A Yzermans, The Shores of Pelican Lake: Immaculate Conception Church, St Anna, Minnesota

MN S-5014 Yze

Robert J Voigt, Opoliana, 1887-1987:  A History of the Community at Opole, Minnesota

MNS-5015 Voi

Silver Jubilee of the Trinity Lutheran Church, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, June 17, 1923, bound with Diamond Jubilee 1887-1962, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, Trinity Lutheran Church, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota (September 30, 1962


Trinity’s 100th Celebration of God’s Love, 1887 – April 17 – 1987:  A History of Trinity Lutheran Church, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

MN S-5016 His

Edward F Sowa, History of the Old Evangelical Church and Pioneer Cemetery, Popple Creek, MN  (1987)

MN B-3003 Sow

Golden Jubilee Anniversary, St John’s Ev. Lutheran Church, Popple Creek, Benton County, Minn. (1940) bound with 35-cio Letni Jubileusz Zalozenia Parafii Sw. Jana, w Popple Creek, Benton County, Minn.  (1025)

MN B-3003.1 Gob

John Whitney Evans, Faith on a Changing Frontier:  A History of St Joseph’s Parish, Gnesen, Minnesota, 1896-1996

MN S-1010.1 Eva

Robert J Voigt, The Arban Way:  A History of the Parish at Arban, Minnesota, 1873-1973

MN S-5

017 Voi

Church of the Holy Family, Silver Lake, Minnesota (1995)

MN M-1010 Chu

Leo P Goblirsch, History of St James Parish, 1902-1962, Nassau, Minnesota

MN L-1004 Gob

History of St Joseph’s Parish, Rosen, Minnesota, 1896-1971, bound with History of St Joseph’s School, Rosen, Minnesota, 1927-1977

MN L-1005 His

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Virginia, Minnesota, 1993

MN S-1011 Hol

St Leo Catholic Church 1881 (St Leo, Minnesota)

MN Y-1

004 StL

Celebrating 100 years 1887-1987, St Joseph Catholic Church, Holloway, Minnesota

MN S-8003 StJ

St Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral 100th Anniversary 1887-1987 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

MN H-1

117 StM

Robert J Voigt, The People of Mayhew Lake (Minnesota) (1896-1992)

MN B-3004 Voi

Robert J Voigt, The People of St Wendel (Minnesota) (1867-1992)

MN S-5019 Voi

Sto Lat/100 years:  St John Kanty (Cantius) Parish (Cleveland. Ohio) Memorial Book, 1898-1998

US OH 078

T Lindsay Baker, The First Polish Americans:  Silesian Settlements in Texas (1979)


030 Bak

T Lindsay Baker, The Polish Texans (1982)


Genny Tak Kiely, Heart and Hard Work:  Memories of “Nordeast” Minneapolis (1997)

MN H-1119 Kie

Saints Peter and Paul Church, Gilman, Minnesota, 1872-1972

MN B-3007 Sai

1881-1956 Seventy-fifth Diamond Jubilee Anniversary, St Adalbert’s Church, St Paul, Minnesota