Research Tips

Reading Polish

Lack of familiarity with the Polish language is a common problem for English-speakers researching their Polish roots.

If you are researching a website in Polish, never fear! Use a web browser that offers translation services, such as Google Chrome.

Curious about Polish names

Check out the list of names from Wiktionary, including nicknames and potential translations to English.

Translation Help

Many vital records in Poland aren’t in Polish at all! Depending on the location, it could be in Latin, Russian or German. Need some help deciphering what is being said?

Family Search has added a Polish Genealogical Word List to assist in understanding genealogical words when looking at records in Polish.

Additionally, PGS-MN’s library collection includes the popular “In Their Words” series (number 139 in the Polish collection at the Hoffman Research Library). These books provide genealogical translation help for users for the languages of German, Latin, Polish and Russian.

In Their Words: A Genealogist's Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin,  and Russian Documents: Polish: 1: Shea, Jonathan D., Hoffman, William F.:  9780963157966: Books