PGS-MN Publications List

Pocket Polish Dictionary Dictionary Langerscheidt P001
Polish English Dictionary 2 copies Dictionary Stanislawski J. P002
Polish Family Tree Surnames – A Compilation of Surnames of Polish Ancestry that Family Tree Researchers are Tracing Vol II Obal Thaddeus J. 1977 P003-II
Polish Family Tree Surnames Vol III Obal Thaddeus J. Feb-79 P003-III
Polish Family Tree Surnames Vol IV Obal Thaddeus J. Apr-81 P003-IV
Polish Family Tree Surnames Vol V Obal Thaddeus J. Jun-83 P003-V
Tracing Your Polish Roots Wellauer Maralyn 1979 P004
Tracing Your Polish Roots Revised Wellauer Maralyn 1991 P004
Polish Parish Records of the Roman Catholic Church B3 2 copies Ortell Gerald 1989 P005
Polish Parish Records of the Roman Catholic ChurchUse and Understanding Revised Ortell Gerald 1996 P005
Russian Language Documents from Russian Poland 2 copies Shea Jonathan 1989 P006
Wody Wigierski i hucianskie: Studium Toponomastyczne Doktorska Rozprawa 1941 P007
The Waters of Lake Wigry and its Workers English P007
Slownik Staropolskich Nazw Osobowych. 3 vols 3 ring binder 1965-67 P008
Budowa Morfologiczna Staropolskich Zlozonych Imion Osobowych Malec Maria 1971 P009
Old Polish People’s Building Morphology Album English P009
Nazwiska Ludnosci Dawnego Staroastwa Nowotarsiego Bubak Josef 1970 P010
New Book of Names of Past Population Officials English P010
Poland: A Historical Atlas Pogonowski Iwo Cyprian P012
Selected Mormon Church Films Viewed from Miescisko, Poznan Swatloski Thomas 1991 P013
Information Received from Catholic Archives Gniezno, Poznan Swatloski Thomas 1988 P014
Selected Mormon Church Films Viewed from Wagrowiec, Poznan Swatloski Thomas 1991 P015
Latin Church in the Polish Commonwealth in 1772 Map of Localities Chicago PGS 1990 P016
German Casualties of the Seven Week’s War 1866 and the Franco Prussian War 1870-1871 Wellauer Maralyn 1986 P017
Births from the Baptismal Records of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church 1879 – 1889 Baltimore Hollowak Thomas 1992 P018
Morbus-Why and How Our Ancestors Died: Dictionary of Terms found in Vital Records Dictionary Chorzempa Rosemary 1991 P019
Polish Emigrants to Texas–The Second Wave Hill Virginia Felchak 1991 P020
Polish Genealogical Society of Texas 10th Anniversary 1992 P021
Polish Genealogical Society of Texas 1990 P021
Polish Genealogical Society of Texas Surname Index 1993-94 P021
Polish Genealogical Society of Texas 1995 P021
Polish Genealogical Society of Texas 2000-01 P021
Dawny Gdansk – Abum Fotogref Kucharski Jan 1990 P022
Index to the Obituaries & Death Notices Appearing in the Dziennik Chicagoski 5 Volumes (1890 – 1929) Hollowak, Hoffman Thomas, William 1991 P023
Polish Directory for the City of Chicago 1903 1981 P024
Index to the Obituaries & Death Notices Appearing in Jednosc-Polonia 1926-1946 Baltimore 2 copies Hollowak Thomas L 1983 P025
The Study of Obituaries as a Source for Polish Genealogical Research 2 copies Golembiewski Thomas 1984 P026
Register of Vital Records of Roman Catholic Parishes from the Bug River (Warsaw area) Peckwas Edward 1984 P027
Register of Vital Records of Roman Catholic Parishes from the Bug River (Warsaw area) Reprint Easy to Read Peckwas Edward 1992 P027
Polish American Family Biographies Found in Jubilee Book St.Stanislaus Kostka & Holy Trinity Parish Chicago Golembiewski Thomas 1982 P028
Polish Genealogy and Heraldry – An Introduction to Research Hoskins Janina 1990 P029
A Historical Bibliography of Polish Towns, Villages and Regions Peckwas Edward 1990 P030
Herald Historia–Geneaogia–Heraldyka Skowera Jan Lech 1990 P031
The Immigration History Research Center-A Guide to Collections MoodyWurl SuzannaJoel P032
The Polish Way-A Thousand Year History of the Poles and their Culture Zamoyski Adam 1988 P033
Polska Mowa–Polish Language for Beginners Miska Jan K. 1978 P034
Where They Once Toiled–Mennonite Family History Brandt Edward 1992 P035
Nekropolie Lodzkie SwiatkowskaBudziarek MariaMarek 1989 P036
Lodz Obituaries English P036
Polish Roots Chorzempa Rosemary 1993 P038
Polish Family Research Konrad J. 1992 P039
The Warsaw Ghetto–The 45th Anniversary of the Uprising Warszawskie Ghetto Interpress Pub Sakowska 1988 P040
The Warsaw Ghetto; The 45th Anniversary of the Uprising, 1943-1988 English P040
Torun Centralny Osrodek Informacji Turystycnej Oddzial w Bydgoszczy – 1989 1989 P041
Central Tourist Information Point of Torum English P041
How to travel to Warsaw Thaurus Ltd. 1991 P042
Zamek Krolewski w Warszawie Gieyszftor Alexander 1991 P043
The King’s Castle in Warsaw English P043
Gniezno Widoki Miasta 1505-1939 Pasiciel Stanislaw 1989 P044
Views of the City of Gniezno, 1505-1938 English P044
Rocznik Muzeum Radomskiego Zawadzka Anna 1980 P045
Radom Museum Anniversary English P045
A Polish Chapter in Jacksonian America–The U.S. and the Polish Exiles of 1831 Lerski Jerzy Jan 1958 P046
List of Congregations of the Evangelical Augsburg Churchin Poland 1910-1939-1991 PGS of A P047
Polish Surname Directory–An Inventory of those Researching Polish Ancestry Hartig Mary Swiateck 1993 P048
Poradnik Genealogia Amatora Prinke Rafal 1992 P049
Guidebook for Amateur Genealogists English P049
Gazetteer of Parish & Civil Jurisdictions in East & West Prussia Barthel Stephan Samuel 1991 P050
Essentials in Polish Genealogical Research Schlyter Daniel 1993 P051
Polish and Proud-Tracing Your Polish Ancestry Gnacinski Jan & Len 1979 P052
Sources for Researching Ukrainian Family History Himka John-Paul 1984 P053
Following the Paper Trail–A Multilingual Translation Guide Shea/Hoffman Jonathan/Will 1991 P054
Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings Hoffman William 1991 P055
Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings Second Edition Hoffman William 1997 P055.1
Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings Second Edition, Revised Hoffman William 1998 P055.2
A Memory of History-The Rusins of Minnesota P056
Poland People to People-Guides for the Traveler Haynes Jim 1991 P057
Poland: Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit Dydynski Krzysztof 1993 P058
Poland The Rough Guide Salter/McLachla Mark/Gordon 1993 P059
Insight Guides Poland Hofer Hans P060
Insight Guides Poland Hofer Hans P060
Galacians-Rusins on the Iron Range Goman John D P061
Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia Lenius Brian P062
Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia Lenius Brian P062
A History of the Poles in America to 1908 Part I, Part II, Part III,, Part IV Kruska Waclow P063
A Translation Guide to 19th Century Polish Language Documents–Birth, Marriage and Death Frazin Judith P064
Polish Arrivals at the Port of Baltimore 1880-1884 Davis-White Jeanne P065
Polish Heritage Travel Guide to U.S.A and Canada GalazkaJuszczak JacekAlbert P066
Index to the Newsletters, Journals and Bulletins of the PGSA 1979-1993 Chorzempa Rosemary P067
Roman Catholic Parishes in the People’s Republic in 1984 2 Copies Zuchowska Zofia P068
Poland 2 Copies Heine Marc P069
Early Maps of Poland (1508-1772) in the American Genealogical Society Collection Mikos Michael P070
Herbarz Miast Polskich A Z Coat of Arms (places) Plewako/Wanag Andrzej/Jozef P071
Book of Heraldry of Polish Cities English P071
Historia PoIski Halecki Oskar P072
And My Children Did Not Know Me–A History of the Polish Americans Bukowczyk John P073
Slavic Surnames Clark Timashenka Margaret P074
The Poles in America 1608-1972 A Chronology and Fact Book Renkiewicz Frank P075
An Annotated and Topical List of Aids to Polish Genealogy Markowski Benedict P076
Polish Pioneer Families in the Parish of Brudenell to the Year 1870: Connolly Shirley Mask P077
Anthology of Kashub-Polish Family Names in Poland Canada and U.S. Rekowski CS Fr. Aloysius P078
Maps & Records of St. Stanislaus Cemetery-Wilno, Ontario Chippiov Edward P079
The Proud Inheritance Ontario’s Kaszuby P080
Polish Localities in the Russian Partition and their Parish Affiliations Vol. 1 Bialystok, Drohiczyta Lomza, Plock Diocese SheaHoffman Jonathan William P081
Oficjalny Spis Pocztowych Numerow Andresowych Polish Telephone Book – Warsaw 1995 1995 P082
Official Lists of Post Office Numbers and AddressesEdition IV English P082
90th Anniversary of Holy Cross Polish National Catholic Church, Baltimore, MarylandFaith, Word and Struggle.  A History of Polonia Hollowak Thomas 1988 P083
Burt’s Polish English Dictionary Dictionary P084
Nagel’s Encyclopedia Guide to Poland P085
An Index to Straz-The Guard Vol. 1 1897-1915 Scranton, PA Grotnik Casimir 1994 P086
An Index to Straz-The Guard Vol. 2 Part I 1916-1997 Scranton, PA Grotnik Casimir 1994 P086
An Index to Straz-The Guard Vol. 2 Part II 1916-1997 Scranton, PA Grotnik Casimir 1994 P086
Historical Atlas of East Central Europe Magocsi Paul 1993 P087
Surname Listing of PGS of California 1996 P088
Library Collection of PGS of California 1996 P089
Out on the Wind Poles & Danes in Lincoln County, MN Radzilowski John 1992 P090
Compilation of Births from Baptismal Records of Gora(Znin) Parish Poznania, Poland 1853-1881 Wilson David 1996 P091
Polski B & B-Directory of Affordable Accommodations Kulvicki Ray P092
Ten Select Polish Emigrant Families:  From Poznania to America Wilson David 1996 P093
Polonians Listed In Baltimore City Directories Hollowak Thomas L. 1992 P094
A Brief History of Baltimore’s Polonia Unpublished Hollowak Thomas L. P095
People of Polonia in the 1910 Census-Baltimore, MD 4 Volumes. Davis-White Jeanne S. 1993 P097
Emigration in Polish Social-Political Thought 1870-1914 Murdzek Benjamin 1977 P098
Nobility of the Polish Commonwealth P099
The Lands of Partitioned Poland 1795-1918 Wandycz Piotr 1974 P100
Bukovinian & Galacian Poles 1895-1995 Jaros M. 1995 P101
Nazwy Miejscowe Polski-A-B Rymuta Kazimierza 1996 P102
Polish Place Names A-B English P102
Nazwy Miejscowe Polski-C-D Rymuta Kazimierza 1996 P102
Polish Place Names C-D English P102
Nazwy Miejscowe Polski-E-I Rymuta Kazimierza 1996 P102
Polish Place Names E-I English P102
In Search of Your Partitioned European Roots Baxter Angus 1985 P103
Atlas Drogowy Road Atlas Polska Road Atlas Geo Center 1996 P104
Polish Road and Route Atlas English P104
Slownik Nazwisk Wspolczesnie w Polsce Uzywanych  (10 Volumes A-Z) Rymut 1992 P105
Dictionary of Common Names in Use in Poland (10 volumes A-Z) English P105
Historical Sketches of Polonia Romanniv 1990 P106
Centennial History of Orchard Lake Schools Polish Seminary Nir 1987 P107
Sources for the History of Polish-Americans Cent Archives Polonia Nir 1982 P108
Polish Peasant in Europe & America (Immigration History) Znaniecki Thomas 1996 P109
Resources of Polish American & Canadian Genealogical Research Brandt 1997-1998 P110
Introduction to Poland-American Institute of Polish Culture Budrewicz 1995 P111
The Origins of Poland Dzieciol 1966 P112
Off the Beaten Track Poland McLachland 1995 P113
The Polish Biographical Dictionary Dictionary Sokol 1992 P114
Polish Heraldry unpublished P115
Tracing Our Polish Roots Moscinski 1994 P116
First Names of the Polish Commonwealth: Origins & Meaning Hoffman 1998 P117
Genealogical Guide and Atlas of SilesiaCompiled from Original Maps Kowallis 1979 P118
Germanic Genealogy Brandt Edward 1997 P119
Heart of Europe, A Short History of Poland Davies Norman 1986 P120
The History of Polish Literature Milosz Czeslaw 1983 P121
God’s Playground, A History of Poland 2 volumes Davies Norman 1982 P122
My Name is Million, An Illustrated History of the Poles in America Kuniczak W. S. 1978 P123
Who’s Who in Polish America Wierzbianski Boleslaw 1996 P124
Hidden Cosmos:  The Life-Worlds of Polish Immigrants in Two Minnesota Communities Radzilowski John 1999 P125
Eyewitness Travel Guides Warsaw Omilanowska Malgorzata 1997 P126
A Fifty-year Index to Polish American Studies 1944-1993East European Monographs Grotnik Casmir 1997 P127
Bibliography for Genealogical Research Involving PolishAncestry Obal Thaddeus 1978 P128
Jewish Roots in Poland, Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories Weiner Miriam 1997 P129
The Great Polish-English Dictionary – 2 VolumesWielki Slownik polski-angielski Dictionary Stanislawski Jan 1998 P130
The Great English-Polish Dictionary – 2 VolumesWielki Slownik angielski-polski Dictionary Stanislawski Jan 1998 P131
A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Kingdom of Poland Beider Alexander 1996 P132
The Rest is Silence: The Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw Waldorff Jerzy P133
Geograficzny Atlas Polski 1999 P134
Atlas Historyczny 1999 P135
Historical Atlas from Ancients to Contemporary English P135
Polska – Atlas Krajoznawczy (Touring Atlas with Guide) 1995 P136
Polish Atlas with Guidelines English P136
Liksykon Miast Polskich Kwiatek Jerzy 1998 P137
Lexicon of Polish Cities English P137
Slownik Geograficzno-Krajoznawczy Polski PWN Org 1998 P138
In Their Words – A Genealogist’s Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin, and Russian Documents Vol 1 Volume I Shea Hoffman Jonathan D William 2000 P139
In Their Words – A Genealogist’s Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin, and Russian Documents Vol 2Russian Volume II Shea Hoffman Jonathan D William 2002 P139
Address List of Roman Catholic Churches in Lithuania: A Guide to the Family History Researcher Volume II Shea Jonathan D 1995 P140
Surname Index of the Polish Genealogical Society of New York State 1999 Drabik Newman Michael David 1999 P141
Poles in American History and Tradition Wytrawal Joseph A 1969 P142
Ortsnamenverzeichnis der Ortschaften jenseits von Oder und Neisse (English List of Names of Localities etc.) Rautenberg Verlag Gerrhard 1988 P143
Place Name Dictionary for Locations on the Other Side of the Oder and Neise Rivers English P143
American Polonians 1795 to 1918 Another Chronology Lasworth Earl James 2000 P144
Collegium Marianum in Pelplin 1858-1920 Stanke Marianne P145
Katholische Kirchenbucher in Ost und Westpruessen Stanke Marianne 2000 P146
Catholic Church Books in East and West Prussia English P146
103 Articles by Father Al Rekowski 1982-1986 Rekowski Father Al 1995 P147
The Polish National Catholic Church in the USA from 1897-1980 Kubiak Hieronim P148
The Origin and the Growth of the Polish National Catholic Church Wlodarski Rev Stephen P149
The Polish National Church Fox Paul P150
An Index to Rola Boza – God’s Field Volume I 1923-1953 Volume II 1954-1970 Grotnik Rev Casimir J P151
PNCC Studies Index (Volumes 1-12) 1980-1991 Zawistowski Theodore P152
A History of the Parishes of the Western Diocese, Polish National Catholic Church Nemkovich Rev Robert M P152.1
Newspaper and Journal Articles Regarding the Polish National Catholic Church and Related Items Wielewinski Bernard P153
Polish National Catholic Church Independent Movements and Old Catholic Church Wielewinski Bernard P153.1
The Growth of a Church A Historical Documentary Janowski Robert P154
Szescdziesiatej Rocznicy  1897-1957 Album P155
60Year Anniversary Album of the Polish Nation English P155
Synods of the Polish National Catholic Church 1904-58 Grotnik Casimir J P156
Doctoral Dissertations and Masters Thesis Regarding Polish Subjects (An Annotated Bibliography) 1900-85 Wielewinski Bernard P157
Eastern Europe Bibliography Gates-Coon Rebecca P158
Guide to Polish Libraries & Archives Lewanski Richard C P159
Historical Dictionary of Poland Dictionary Sanford George P160
The History of Poland Biskupski M B P161
American “Polonia” and Poland Mocha Frank P162
Land of Crosses – The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Lithuania 1939-1978 Bourdeaux Michael P163
Polski Rody Arystokralyczne Sobol Saturnin P164
Aristocracy of Polish Countryman English P164
Szlachta Wylegitymowana w Krolestwie Polskim w latach 1836-1861 Seczys Elzbieta P165
Proof of Identity of Nobles in the Kingdom of Poland in the Years 1836-1861 English P165
Polskie Rody Szlacheckie i Ich Herby Tadeusz Gajl P166
Nobles and their Coats of Arms of Polish Countryman English P166
One Hundred Years Young:  A History of the Polish Falcons of America 1887-1987 Pienkos Donald E P167
DNA:  A Centennial History of Polish National Alliance of the United States of North America Pienkos Donald E P168
Polish-Americans in the USA. Cultural Aspects of Urban Life, 1870-1950 in Comparative Perspective Gladsky Thomas P169
Poland Travel Guide Czeniewicz-Umer Teresa P170
The Failure of Bismark’s KulturkampfCatholicism & State Power in Imperial Germany 1871-1887 Ross Ronald J 1998 P171
Lukow I Okolice 1989 P172
Lukow and Surrounding Neighborhoods English P172
Writing Home:  Immigrants in Brazil and the United States 1890-1891 Wtulich Josephine 1986 P173
For Your Freedom Through Ours:  Polish American Efforts on Polands Behalf 1863-1991 Pienkos Donald E 1991 P174
A History of Polish Christianity Kloczowski Jerzy 2000 P175
Poland (Explore the World) Travel Guide Torbus Tomasz 2001 P176
Poland 1944-64 1964 P177
Jasna Gora Pach Jan 1991 P178
Polish Proverbs Zand Helen 1961 P179
Chicago and Cook County:  A Guide to Research Szucs Loretta Dennis 1996 P180
The Polish Jewelry History and Culture Fuhs, Hoffman Marian, Zygmunt 1982 P181
Framing the Polish Home – Postwar Cultural Constructions of Health, Nation and Self Shallcross, Bukowczyk Bozena, John J 2002 P182
HB Bild Atlas Euro Special Polen Micklitza Kerstin and Andre P183
Genealogical Guide to East and West Prussia -Records, Sources, Publications and Events Brandt, Goertz Edward, Adalbert 2002 P184
Krakow – Your passport to Poland’s Cultural Capital Dydynski Krzystof 2000 P185
Directory of the Members of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America 1975 P186
Schlesien in 144 Bildern 1987 P187
Oberschlesien in 144 Bildern Labus Heinz 1992 P188
Morzewo Poland (Prussia) An Extraction of the Surname Konczak and Associated Families Konczak Edward M (Mike) 2003 P189
Przeszlost obszarow diecezji pelplinskiej do 1772r Szulist Wladyslaw 2000 P190
Finding your Polish Ancestors LaBudie-Szakall, Zaleski Kathleen Ann, Jan Steven 2003 P191
Polish Army in France (WWI) “Haller’s Army” Recruitment Record Database Names A through K 1996 P192
Polish Army in France (WWI) “Haller’s Army” Recruitment Record Database Names L through Z 1996 P192
Silesian Profiles II – Polish Immigration to Texas1850s – 1870s Moczygemba Watson etal Mary Ann 2004 P193
Wielka Encyklopedia Polski 2 Volumes 2004 P194.1
Polish First Names Knab Sophie Hodorowicz 2000 P195
Images of America – Detroits Polonia Jensen Cecil Wendt 2005 P196
A Traveller’s History of Poland Radzilowski John 2007 P197
Poles in Wisconsin-Badger History 1979 P198
Going Home Shea Jonathan 2008 P199
Highlander Polish Gutt-Mostowy Jan 1995 P200
Dzieje Skorcza (History of Skorece Kosecki, Kosecki Alojzy, Rafal 2005 P201
Pomeranian Genealogy, Culture and History Sternberg, Savage Paul, Janice & Jerry 2007 P202
Silesia to America-The Prokott Heritage Pokott Robert 2009 P203
St Stanislaus Kostka, Bowlus, MN Heritage Cookbook 2009 P204
Wojewodztwo Kujawsko Pomorski 2008 P205
Polish White Eagle Association Death ClaimInsurance Files IndexInsurance Files Non-Claim Rys John 2007 P206A
Coal Cousins Amato Joseph Amato 2008 P207
Polish Catholic Church – Baptismal RecordsTwin City Area of Minnesota Index Rys John 2010 P208
Jacob’s Well:  A Case for Rethinking Family History Amato Joseph A 2008 P209
Polish Catholic Church – Marriage RecordsTwin City Area of Minnesota Index Rys John 2010 P210
Polish Catholic Church – Burial RecordsTwin City Area of Minnesota Index Rys John 2010 P211
Polish and Proud Tracing your Polish Ancestor Gnocinski Jan & Len 1979 P212
Polish Highlanders: Gorale Rys John 2011 P213
Village Ties Rys John 2012 P214
The Polish American Encyclopedia Pula James 2011 P215
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