(pronounced Vi ta me)

The Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota (PGS-MN) assists Polish-Americans with roots in Minnesota to explore the great and growing hobby of genealogy, providing people and resources to help you search for those connections – here and in Poland.

Please explore our website.  You will find information on upcoming meetings, special events, membership information, back issues of our newsletter containing local research information, and links to other Polish genealogical resources. Please enjoy, and check out the other pages on our updated website!


Tell PGSMN about your research or other relevant Polish genealogical information – articles are desired for the PGS-MN Newsletter 


Next Newsletter deadline is 12/15/2017 – tell us your story. 


Genealogy of Poles Foundation has launched the English version of the Genealogy of Poles (10 volumes in print) – check out the PGS-MN Research page for “Polish-base websites”   



Board of Directors

President – Peggy Larson                                           (term ends 1/2019)

Vice President – Paula Colwell                                    (term ends 1/2019)

Treasurer – Michael Eckman                                       (term ends 1/2018)

Secretary – Vicki Myslajek                                          (term ends 1/2018)

Director – Mary Johnson                                             (term ends 1/2019)

Director – Dori Marszalek                                            (term ends 1/2018)

Director – Richard Theissen                                         (term ends 1/2019)

Director – Marie Przynski                                             (term ends 1/2018)

Past President – Jay Biedny  



Library – Bob Kraska

Membership – Dori Marszalek & Mary Johnson

Newsletter/Website – Marie Przynski

Programs/Publicity – vacant

Research – John Rys, Greg Kishel

Annual Meeting – Richard Theissen







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