Genealogy Tips

Genealogy Tips 


Name Derivatives  

Ever get stumped is doing research, and have names crop up that don’t seem to match.  Is is a nickname or a derivative of a Polish name?  Ever wonder what Polish name equivalents are in English or where the Poles get their pet names? For example, who is Glosia and where did that come from? Visit and you’ll find out that Gosia, Gośka, Małgosia, and Małgośka are all short for Małgorzata, which is Margaret or Maggie in English.


Crash course in Polish Border Changes – 

Newcomers to Polish genealogy often start with a few misconceptions.  Many Americans have only a dim understanding of the border changes that occurred in Europe over the centuries, and in fairness, keeping up with all of them can be quite a challenge.

How did this happen and what were the consequences for our Polish ancestors?  

Those Infamous Border Changes: A Crash Course in Polish History

Article originally published January 2017 at 


Polish Ancesters in Minnesota 


Polish ancestors in Minnesota? Wonderful webpage at the Minnesota Historical Society’s webpage. Their People Records Search page ( enables you to find birth, death, and state census records, as well as veterans’ graves and Gold Star Roll servicemen (those who died during WWI), and they also have a nice digital newspaper archive ( Incredible resource – Check it out!


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