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PGSMN March Meeting

03/03/18  10:00 am to noon

1385 Mendota Heights Road

Mendota Heights, MN


The Lasowiacy


Presented by Heather Pedersen & Rosanne Betley

“Las to ojciec nasz, a my dzieci jego, idziemy do niego” (The forest is our father, and we his children, we go to him).


Come join us as we explore the rich culture and heritage of the Lasowiacy people, located in northern Podkarpackie between the cities of Sandomierz and Rzeszow. The Lasowiacy, also known as the people of the Sandomierz Forest, were isolated due to the forest and from this, their own culture emerged. Heather and Rosanne invite you to learn more through pictures, videos and conversation about the culture and history from their recent trip to Poland as well as share genealogical research tools and sources for Austrian Galicia.






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Welcome to the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota


For over 20 years, the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota (PGS-MN) has been assisting Polish-Americans with roots in Minnesota explore the great and growing hobby of genealogy.  Whether your relatives came from the “iron range” or the north shore, the farm communities of the west, the southern Mississippi river bluff country, or the urban parishes of Minneapolis and St. Paul, we have people and resources to help you search for those connections – here and in Poland.

Please explore our website.  You will find information on upcoming meetings, special events, membership information, back issues of our newsletter containing local research information, and links to other Polish genealogical resources. Directions are included to the research library (located in Mendota Heights, MN) and also included is a current catalog of our book and map holdings – you can browse the list prior to your visit, and much more.  Additionally included is a membership form and contact links for those questions you need assistance with.  Please enjoy, and check out the other pages on our updated website!



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