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Welcome to the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota


For over 20 years, the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota (PGS-MN) has been assisting Polish-Americans with roots in Minnesota explore the great and growing hobby of genealogy.  Whether your relatives came from the “iron range” or the north shore, the farm communities of the west, the southern Mississippi river bluff country, or the urban parishes of Minneapolis and St. Paul, we have people and resources to help you search for those connections – here and in Poland.

Please explore our website.  You will find information on upcoming meetings, special events, membership information, back issues of our newsletter containing local research information, and links to other Polish genealogical resources. Directions are included to the research library (located in So. St. Paul, MN) and also included is a current catalog of our book and map holdings – you can browse the list prior to your visit, and much more.  Additionally included is a membership form and contact links for those questions you need assistance with.  Please enjoy, and check out the other pages on our updated website!


March PGSMN Meeting

Presenter: John L. Rys

Date: March 4, 2017

Time; 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

1185 Concord St N, South St. Paul, MN



 Beginnings of Surnames in Europe and Poland.

Understanding and appreciating the complexities of Polish surnames may help when you search through Polish records for your genealogy research.

Polish Surname characteristics.  Suffixes added to Polish surname.  Most discouraging feature of the Polish language are suffixes, in that there are so many of them with regional variations.   Another characteristic pattern that dominates the Polish language is the changing of surname’s endings through a process called declension.

Basic Categories of Polish Surname Origins.

Polish Name Changes in America.

Review of the 1962 Symposium “The Changing of Polish Names in America” held at St. Mary’s College, Orchard Lake, Michigan.    

Polish First (Given) Names, from Slavic and Christian origins, and Middle Names.

Suggested speaker donation $2 ($5 non-members)




Searchable Online Database of your Polish Ancestors.
Maybe you will be able to find the signatures of your Polish grandparents or great grandparents there? For a version with a search function follow this link:



Explanation: tom’ means the volume, ‘strona’ – page, ‘pokaż’- show, and the words above- ‘wyszukaj’- search and ‘dokładnie’next to the tick is search exact combination of letters, precise spelling.

Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship for the United States is a presentation of the first 13 manuscript volumes of a larger collection of 111 volumes compiled in Poland in 1926 and delivered to President Calvin Coolidge at the White House to honor the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

The collection includes the greetings and signatures of national, provincial, and local government officials, representatives of religious, social, business, academic, and military institutions, and approximately 5.5 M school children.


 Board of Directors

President – Peggy Larson                                           (term ends 1/2019)

Vice President – position vacant                                 (term ends 1/2019)

Treasurer – Michael Eckman                                       (term ends 1/2018)

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Director – Richard Theissen                                         (term ends 1/2019)

Director – Marie Przynski                                             (term ends 1/2018)

Past President – Jay Biedny  



Library – Bob Kraska

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Annual Meeting – Richard Theissen



If you wish to become a member of the PGS-MN, please print out and fill in this Membership Application and send it with your dues to:

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