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(pronounced Vi ta me)


2017 PGS-MN Achievement Award Recipients 


Member of PGS-MN since 2002
President of PGS-MN for 2015-present
Board Member since 2011
Editor of PGS-MN Newsletter from 2011-2015
PGS-MN Website Developer 2013-2016

Peggy Larson answered the call for a new PGS-MN newsletter editor when John Knowles became ill in 2011. Under the circumstances, it was baptism by fire. As the PGS-MN Newsletter editor she produced high quality issues even when the content coming in might have been thin. Among her contributions to our PGS-MN Newsletter Peggy wrote a timely book review relating to Poland and WWI.

Additionally, she was instrumental in moving the organization forward and provided much of the early website input herself before handing the responsibilities over to Marie Przynski.

When she is not helping PGS-MN, she is teaching beginner genealogy classes through the MGS.

In 2015, Peggy stepped forward and accepted the responsibilities of the President’s position and its duties and provided future direction.
Peggy has taken strides in the documentation of duties of the various
office and committee responsibilities.   This main organizational position 
includes the liaison responsibilities with the Minnesota Genealogical
Society (MGS) Board.

Member of PGS-MN since 2010
Board Member since 2013
Editor of PGS-MN Newsletter from 2016
PGS-MN Website Developer 2015

Marie’s arrival on the scene with the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota has been characterized by a flurry of project activity and she has embraced these projects with enthusiasm and drive.  Her contributions to the PGS-MN board have been numerous.

In 2016, Marie undertook the PGS-MN Newsletter.  The reformatting of the PGS-MN Newsletter by Marie was a major undertaking. This was accomplished in part because of her knowledge of various aspects of the printing business as it relates to our PGS-MN Newsletter. In her dealings with these printing vendors she has been able to get better pricing for our printing while producing a high quality newsletter. She published an article on Polish Genealogy and the internet.

Marie’s numerous computer and internet/website skills have
contributed to the maintenance and updating of our PGS-MN website.
Marie actively maintains and updates the website in her role as

Further, Marie is actively involved with other Polish organizations and maintains valuable contacts for sharing and cooperation between Polish cultural and genealogy organizations. Marie is specifically active with PACIM – The Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota and the Columbia Heights/Lomianki, Poland “Sister Cities” organization. 



Welcome to the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota


For over 20 years, the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota (PGS-MN) has been assisting Polish-Americans with roots in Minnesota explore the great and growing hobby of genealogy.  Whether your relatives came from the “iron range” or the north shore, the farm communities of the west, the southern Mississippi river bluff country, or the urban parishes of Minneapolis and St. Paul, we have people and resources to help you search for those connections – here and in Poland.

Please explore our website.  You will find information on upcoming meetings, special events, membership information, back issues of our newsletter containing local research information, and links to other Polish genealogical resources. Directions are included to the research library (located in Mendota Heights, MN) and also included is a current catalog of our book and map holdings – you can browse the list prior to your visit, and much more.  Additionally included is a membership form and contact links for those questions you need assistance with.  Please enjoy, and check out the other pages on our updated website!



Tell PGSMN about your research or other relevant Polish genealogical information – articles are desired for the  PGS-MN Newsletter 

Next Newsletter deadline is 03/15/2018 – tell us your story. 



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 If you wish to become a member of the PGS-MN, please print out and fill in this Membership Application and send it with your dues to:

PGS-MN Membership
C/O Michael Eckman, Treasurer
7222 Oak Pointe Curve
Bloomington, MN  55438-3405



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